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Do you know the location of your septic system and repair area?

To properly maintain your septic system, you should know the location of both the septic tank (and any other pretreatment units) and the drainfield. Contact the local health department for a copy of your septic system permit and soil evaluation sheet. These forms indicate the approximate locations of each of the system’s components and the size of the septic tank. Keep these items in this Septic System Owner’s Guide file folder.

The location of the septic tank and drainfield can usually be determined with a copy of the permit and with the help of a septic contractor, consultant, or the local health department.

Most housing sites permitted since the early 1980s are legally required to have a “repair area or replacement area” in which a second drainfield could be built if needed. This repair area was identified by the health department when the site was permitted and should be shown on your septic system permit. The law also requires you to protect this area from excavation; building a house addition, garage or outbuilding over it; swimming pool construction; and any soil disturbance

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